Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Faema Family Instruction Manual

Apparently I have one of the few entire copies of the instruction manual for the venerable Faema Family espresso machine - I have had a request for a copy already and then heard about another one today - I have scanned the manual and placed the images in my web album. If you have a Faema Family and no manual - now you can access this version. I'll eventually convert to PDF and make that available. The Family is a great little machine - one of Faema's best efforts in the domestic market - a shame to see the manual and the machine no longer available.

Anyway - the instruction manual is here:

Faema Family


  1. Great
    I have had a Faema Family for a year now, use it daily and love it. I have´nt had any instruction manual thou which has been frustrating. So finally I got one!
    Thanks ever so much

  2. Wooaw ! thanks a lot for the manual ! :-)

    I just bought a used Faema Family and it didn't came with the manual !

    Thanks again !

  3. Thank you so much for the manual. I have been trying to find one for quite some time. Isn't the Family a great machine?

  4. No worries! Yes, the Family is pretty amazing for its age and size. I've blown the pump on mine (again - pushing it too hard) and have it open on my bench. Utterly amazing how simple it is.

    1. I'm handy and want to service my machine. It's leaking and just not pumping hard enough. Can you help with a good place to get parts and mabe a schematic or parts list?

  5. I have to crack open the boiler to replace the heating element. I also have a new steam valve gasket set to install. I'm using the Gaggia Baby back up unit in the mean time.

  6. I have had my Family machine and grinder since 1993 and has worked great. The steamer function now doesn't have enough pressure. Any idea's on what might be the problem?


  7. Well, you've had the machine a good while, and I for it to be functioning well I'd have to assume you've been taking care of it - this would include de-scaling the boiler by using citric acid or vinegar. When you descale, do you run some of the liquid through the steam wand?

    It may be that there is a certain level of 'artereosclerosis' of the machine's pipes.

    When was the last time the machine was serviced? The boiler itself may have accumulated a lot of muck over the years that is settling around outlet points and reducing the flow of steam, or the boiler might not be heating the water sufficiently to generate a good pressure.

  8. Thanks a million for the manual. Anyone know where to find portofilters (handle, body, spout, basket, etc...) for the Faema Family? Are there 3rd party manufacturers for this part? Has anyone tried bottomless portofilters on the FF? Thanks again.

  9. No worries about the manual - as for parts, yes parts are available and depending on where you are they can be acquired fairly quickly. In Australia most the parts can be sourced from The group handle and baskets are fairly standard 58 mm commercial style parts and you may find that group handles made for other machines fit the Faema just fine.

    I've borrowed a bottomless group handle for a La Marzocco 3-group commercial machine and used it on the Faema - it fit perfectly and I got great photos of the pour here:

  10. Oh! The Ascaso Steel espresson machine is essentially the same as the Faema Family but in a new case - most parts for the Ascaso should fit the Faema as well.

  11. those pics are obscenely amazing. That's coming out of a Faema FAMILY and La Marzocco naked PF? wow.

    Excuse my ignorance: does the FF belong to E61 Group or ECM (& what does ECM mean)? I'm trying to get a PF for my Faema Family from, and they said they couldn't help me.


  12. A very helpful manual, thanks.

    I've been looking for a tamper to use with my Faema Family. Do you know what size would fit its portafilter?

  13. Martin - a 58 mm tamper should fit. Mine is 58.5 mm but it was tailor made for the basket.

    If you are in Australia and want one made just for you I recommend Pullman Tampers:

    If you are in North America, Reg Barber Tampers:

    Generally though, any 58mm tamper should work for you. If you are going tamper shopping, take one of your filter baskets so that you can check for fit.

  14. I'm not in Australia, but I wish I was today. I'm in Calgary, Canada. It's minus 37 C with the wind chill here. I found a place that sells the Reg Barber tamper (they are made in Canada) and later will brave the snow and go get one, with my portafilter in hand.

    Thanks for the advice!

  15. I have a Faema Family and was wondering what the water button is for? I've read the manual but it doesn't really explain when it should be used and for how long. I assume the water comes out of the steam stick? Thus you need to turn the knob to let the water out??

  16. That is correct - the water button should activate the pump to push hot water through the steam wand for tea or additional hot water for a long black. It is, however, a painfully slow process and I generally just boiled the kettle when I wanted extra hot water.

  17. Pete from Québec, Canada2:38 am, December 14, 2009

    Merci beaucoup! (Thank you very much!)

    I just received a used Faema Family Espresso machine and the Faema Family coffee grinder, without any manuel...without your on-line owner's manuel, my first coffee would not have been so good!

  18. You are quite welcome - enjoy the Faema, it is a beautiful little machine. Please don't hesitate to email if you have any problems with her.

  19. Hi,
    Thanks for the coffee machine manual. Do you also have the manual pages for the grinder? Can you please upload those as well - it will be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hi,

    Many thanx for the manual. I had inherited a Faema Family which was working well. Unfortunately I was using it before consulting the manual and it appears the pump will not prime the water. I think I changed from the steam button to the coffee button without flushing the water out as per the manual. Now the unit just "buzzes" and water does not come through regardless of whether I have it on steam, coffee or water. Also the steam button no longer goes off after 5 minutes. I pulled the unit apart following the first few steps of the Faema family rebuild. All the internals appeared to be OK. I have not pulled apart the pump and suspect that it may be the issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Marcel,

    I had a similar problem with mine. I also dismantled the pump and could see no obvious problems but I replaced the pump anyway and the machine started working again. Depending on where you live you can find this type of pump relatively easily as they are a fairly common item in domestic machines.

    Best of luck!

  22. Hi Grendel,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Can you recommend a better upgrade pump or should I use the Ulka EP5 pump which I think is available from Also while I am ordering the pump, can you suggest any other worthwhile upgrades I should consider for the family - bottomless portafilter perhaps ?

    with thanx,


  23. Does anyone know how to adjust the grind dial?
    That part was left out of the posted manual. I want to get the most coarse availablt.
    Thank you,

  24. Thanks for the manual. I am trying to find out what size is the gasket (o-ring) to replace mine as the portafilter is leaking. Does anyone know and also, the best place to order from (I'm in USA).


  25. Julie, if you email me at cafe(dot)grendel@gmail(dot)com I can provide you with some further details to obtain rubber seals for the faema.

  26. Just found this site by googling "Faema Family". Am dismayed that the unit no longer is being made, because it's so great. Some commenters say to others with mechanical problems that "you must have been taking care of the machine because it's run so long." WELL--My machine is 18 years old and suddenly started leaking. Finally found a Faema repair shop who told me the gasket should be replaced annually. We used our machine regularly and have NESVER replaced a gasket; NEVER descaled it (despite hard water); NEVER replaced a pump--yet it was working perfectly until it started leaking. We didn't mean to abuse it--just didn't know maintenance procedures. So I guess it's an even better machine that people have thought, although our corroded one may not be worth saving.

  27. I have had a black Faema Family (aluminum boiler) for 18 years and it has held up very well, in spite of having to use very hard water where I live. Finally had to replace the main gasket for the PF last fall.

    Now it is squirting hot water out the wand when the machine is on, even without being toggled. I've taken the back and top covers off and am wondering if you might have a link to a wiring diagram so I can be sure to reassemble it correctly?

    Also, any pointers on cracking the boiler and reassembling it? I have a hunch that it may need a more thorough cleaning than I can do by descaling and that it might brew at a higher temperature if I can succeed in doing so.
    Bill Horne
    Wells, BC Canada

  28. Oops, just found your post with photos at - thanks!

  29. One question before I go much further:

    do I need to remove the coffee dispensing screen to get the two boiler parts apart?
    (see the green question mark at

    (the arrow just indicates the seam between the two boiler pieces.)

    I'm *hoping* I don't need to undo that part, as the little hex bolt cavity is smaller and a bit stripped :-o

  30. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First I would like to thank you for posting the Manual. Very Appreciated.

    Next I would like to tell the world this:
    Are you Ready?!!!!

    I just picked up a Faema Family in perfect working condition for $4.00 at a good will here in Sioux City, IA Not 400 dollars but four dollars, like 16 quarters, or 40 dimes, just 400 pennies.

    I do have a question about it though, the steamer is not anything like I can find in any picture. The steamer is a red plastic thing with a clear rubber tube connected to it. I do not get how I am suppose to steam milk with that. Maybe it is a piece used for hot water extraction, I don,t know can anyone help. I may be missing the metal steam spout. Does anyone know where I could get one?

  31. I have a Faema family unit, bought new in 1986, still going strong, also a friend also has one - no problems but small things. Thanks you for posting the manual, a great help! I am trying to adjust the grind, and not sure why but virtually un-moveable.
    Peter - Vancouver.

  32. Hi,
    Thanks for the manual. I have had my family for a number of years having picked it up from a garage sale for $40.

    Just wondering if you have ever changed the gaskets on the steam valve of a Faema Family? Mine does not close all the way and has resulted in many burnt thighs :o
    If you have any pics and also model numbers that would be appreciated.

  33. I have a Faema Amica 2, the water will not stop running unless I turn it off, is this normal.
    Thank you

  34. Thanks. Just got a 2nd hand faema family $450! But thanks to your manual can see it doesn't work properly - steam light doesn't go off and coffee was horrible! Presume not heating properly.

  35. Hi Everyone,

    As a generic reply to few of these leaky steam wand questions... the units do disassemble, and usually just need a cleaning, descaling if required, and new O-rings applied. Just measure what came out, measure the od and id of the place it has to go in, and pick an o-ring that is a little chubbier to fit. Standard high temp O-rings are all you need. I don't have the dimensions, even though mine lasted for 26 years before I retired it and bought another one that was like practically new condition, I never have the steam wand leak. This is a great home espresso machine. Brass boiler only!

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  40. I have a Faema Grinder circa 2005 and am looking for a manual as I replace the burr set.

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